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our Opportunity Cannot Grow Without a MLM Marketing Plan
In order to experience growth as part of an MLM marketing business, it is important for you to develop a plan that will help you to generate leads, sell products and recruit new distributors. A step-by-step process is not as difficult as it may seem, and it may even help you earn more money and be more successful than you ever thought possible.

Gather Leads
For your business to succeed, you must generate numerous leads because these are the individuals to whom you will market your product and your business opportunity. You may choose to simply purchase your leads from a third party, but this is often ineffective and quite expensive. The best way to gather your MLM marketing leads is to set up a website, use a landing page, and then incorporate an autoresponder. This way, everyone who visits your website will input their information and you can stay in contact with them via a subscription to an email newsletter. You may also choose to use a sizzle line—or an automated informational hotline—to provide information 24 hours a day.

Follow Up With Leads
As people visit your website or call your sizzle line, their information will be kept in a database. This information is pertinent to your business as these will be your primary leads. The next step in the process involves following up with those individuals who have taken the time to inquire about your products or opportunities. This can be done either by sending out regular email newsletters or automated telephone calls. Keep in mind that consumers must be reminded about a product or service several times before they will be interested enough to either make a purchase or take a chance with the business.

Convert Your Leads
If you notice particular people visiting the website often or calling your sizzle line with a certain amount of regularity, it may be worth your time to follow up with them on a more personal level via either a personalized telephone call or email. These calls and emails should never be scripted, and you should feel free to ask questions that may help you get a better feel for the individual. By figuring out why they are hesitating or what their reservations may be, you can come up with an effective rebuttal and you will have a better chance to convert you MLM marketing leads into affiliates.

Provide Support
After you have successfully converted your leads into affiliates, you must provide them with constant support. This is because your affiliates can leave the business just as easily as they joined, leaving you back at square one. MLM marketing is often a learned skill and you must provide the information your affiliates need to work the system on their own. Being proactive is also very important; if you notice one of your affiliates struggling to make sales, take the time to find out why this is occurring and what you can do to help. Providing personalized, one-on-one advice is often the best way to help your affiliates succeed.

Without a detailed plan in place, your MLM marketing business will simply not succeed. You must understand every aspect of the business—from gathering leads to supporting your affiliates—in order to truly see the revenue that can make a difference.

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